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In a world where beauty and style continually evolve, the Board of Certified Haircolorists (BCH) stands as a beacon of excellence, ensuring that those in the haircoloring industry are at the forefront of innovation and skill. As a testament to their commitment to recognizing and promoting expertise, the BCH is excited to announce the launch of their digital badge program.

Embracing the Digital Frontier

The beauty industry is no stranger to transformation, and the BCH is stepping into the digital frontier with the introduction of digital badges. These badges serve as visual representations of an individual's achievements, skills, and qualifications, providing a digital showcase of their expertise.

A Badge for Every Milestone

The BCH digital badge program is thoughtfully designed to acknowledge the diverse skills and accomplishments of its members. There are three distinct levels of badges, each representing a significant milestone in the certification process:

Level 1: Written Assessment Mastery

The Level 1 digital badge is a testament to a candidate's proficiency in the written assessment. It signifies a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge, setting the stage for further expertise in the dynamic world of haircoloring.

Level 2: Written and Case Study Excellence

Those who have conquered both the written and case study assessments will proudly display the Level 2 badge. This signifies not only theoretical knowledge but also the ability to apply it in real-world scenarios, showcasing a well-rounded understanding of haircoloring principles.

Level 3: The Pinnacle of Certification

The Level 3 digital badge is the pinnacle of achievement, reserved for individuals who have triumphed in all three segments of the assessment—written, case studies, and performance evaluation. It is a symbol of comprehensive mastery and an assurance of excellence in every aspect of haircoloring.

Seamless Integration for Existing Members

To ensure a smooth transition into the digital badge era, the BCH is actively assigning badges to existing members. This process is facilitated through personalized notifications sent via email, providing clear instructions on how to access and display their well-deserved badges. From there, the possibilities are endless—share it on social media, include it in your email signature, or proudly display it on your salon's website.

Showcasing Expertise with Pride

The digital badges from BCH are not just symbols; they are dynamic representations of dedication, expertise, and continuous learning. Members can proudly display these badges on their websites, social media profiles, and professional portfolios, allowing clients and peers to recognize and appreciate their commitment to excellence.

Join the Digital Revolution 

With digital badges, we are taking certification and professional recognition into a new era. It not only simplifies the certification process but also enhances the visibility of individual achievements in the competitive world of haircoloring.

As we celebrate this innovative leap, let us display our digital badges with pride, showcasing our dedication to excellence in every shade and hue. We are commitment to elevating the standards of the industry,  and this new program will help us do that - one digital badge at a time.

BCH Digital Badge Program

BCH partners with BadgeCert to provide you with digital badges to showcase your credentials earned through BCH. With BCH's digital badge program, you can share your Board Certified Haircolorist Certification status with ease! The badging platform allows you to share your achievement with colleagues, peers, employers,  and much more. 

What is a Digital Badge?

BCH digital badges are proof of your achievement. With BCH.'s digital badges, you can easily showcase your achievements with peers, colleagues, and employers by sharing your badge(s) on social media, email signatures, websites, and résumés. Digital badges allow anyone who views your badges to easily click to verify your credentials by providing a link to BCH metadata that cannot be falsified or duplicated.

One-Click Verification

BCH's digital badges provide our badge holders increased value to their  certification credentials by granting peers, colleagues, and employers the ability to view and learn more about the credentials you hold with a single-click. When an individual clicks on your badge, he or she will be brought to an overview page that showcases metadata on your achievements and qualifications, as well as the process you completed in order to earn your badge

Once your badge has been issued, you will receive an email from BadgeCert with directions on how to share your badge on social media, email signatures, and résumés. 
Want to know more about digital badges?  Check out our digital badge provider BadgeCert.

Jessee Skittrall is no stranger to the hairdressing industry! He comes from six generations of hairdressers

Jessee Skittrall Executive Director @ Board of Certified Hair Colorists